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Check out the 5.3 LS being installed
in our 1966 Chevelle.
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You CAN retain the Original Factory Shifter LOOK when upgrading your transmission. Whether you want to replace your Powerglide with a TH350 or TH400 transmission or upgrade to an overdrive transmission like the TH200-4R, TH700-R4, or the 4L60 & 4L80 you can keep your original factory shifter!

Shiftworks® kits allow you to modify the shifter to function properly with different transmissions or just replace missing linkage. In some cases an entirely new shifter is required and we have those too.

We also have in-dash gauges for the 1966-68 Chevelle, 1970-72 Chevelle SS and the 1966-67 Nova. In-dash tachometers are available for the 1964-72 Chevelle and the 63-72 Nova.

LS Swaps can use our new 5.3, 5.7, 6.0 and 6.2 Fender Emblems. 6L80 swaps can also benefit from our conversion kits. 5-Speed Mustang Bullitt shift knobs. Contact us if you do not see it.


Shifter Conversions

Shifter Conversions


Get the original factory look with new gauges designed to fit your existing dash

In-Dash Tachometers

In-Dash Tachometers

New Products

LED Lightbulbs

Dash with old lights

This is your dash on a 1960's light bulbs. It was normal that we couldn't see the road or the dash.

Dash with Shiftworks LED lights

This is your dash with modern technology LED lights. WOW!
This is the new normal.

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