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5.3 LS being installed in
our 1966 Chevelle

5.3 LS being installed in 1966 Chevelle. I wanted the 5.3 because it will run
on regular gas, and it comes with a mechanical fan.
I wanted the old school look of a mechanical fan.


Fitment issues galore. I wanted to use my 2004R transmission, but not modify the drive shaft. To do so the engine is back very close to the firewall. I wanted to use the new Hooker Exhaust manifold because I did not want headers but they were delayed in production. So we found a set of 2000 Camaro Exhaust manifolds and they work. They would not work if the engine was forward at all. And we had to remove some flange on the Passenger side as it was touching the frame. After the exhaust was fabricated I had a paper thin clearance so a little more hacksaw surgery and now we have better clearance.

I chose to go with the MSD & Edelbrock Carb set-up. The wiring was easy (all things considered), and I had the Edelbrock already. Again its an old school look.


Almost back together

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I used the Kwik Performance serpentine belt system because it was very low key. It almost looks factory. I did not want the serpentine pulleys to be the focus of the engine compartment. We had some issues with alignment. The pulleys have to be right on to not mess up the belt and cause a squeal. A couple washers in places not in the instructions and the problem is resolved. I also had to to move the PS Reservoir back by modifying the bracket. It was a Corvette part recommended by Kwik. I had to do this because of the fan and fan shroud. A problem most people will not have. Also I had to use a hole saw and make a 1.5 inch hole in the Kwik ½ inch aluminum bracket for the reservoir return hose. The factory A/C was hooked back up with a Sanden Compressor.

Final product

Test drive



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