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Column Shifter Linkage

Transmission Shift Arm Connection Kit
for column shifters TH350, TH400, TH200-4R, TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L80

The Kugel Komponents Kit connects the column or floor shifter to most GM transmissions. It also allows for gear pointer alignment. A splined adapter button allows the arm to be positioned at any angle. A slot positions the pivot joint for longer or shorter sweep and pointer alignment.

The rod assembly for the Kugel Komponets is 17" 23½" pivot to pivot.

The rod assembly for the CPP is 7" 24" pivot to pivot.

  Kugel Komponents parts included in kit

Kugel Komponets
Rod Assembly

17" 23½" pivot to pivot.
#KK02  . . . . $49.50

Need help! click hereKugel Installation Instructions 

Classic Performace Products
Rod Assembly

7" 24" pivot to pivot.
#CPP02  . . . . $49.50

Need help! click hereCPP Installation Instructions 

DO You have a : 4L60E, 4L70E, or 4L80E with the neutral safety switch on the outside?

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If you install the adjustable lever such that it's travel is near the switch our 4LE Fix it kit allows you to connect the linkage and not have any conflicts with the switch.

#4LE Kit . . . . $18.50


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