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Column Shifter

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  • Q: My new Shifter/Shifter Conversion does not have enough detents.
  • A: Click on image for larger viewBoth the transmission and the shifter have detents, and they serve different purposes. The rooster comb detent in the transmission “locks” the Trans into a gear and the shifter detent protects the transmission from inadvertently being put into the wrong gear and causing damage to the transmission. Bumping the shifter into Neutral is not generally seen as harmful. The shifter detent makes it impossible to bump the transmission into Reverse or a lower gear with out the driver taking an action to do so.

    3 and 4 Speed Detent Layout Diagram

Cable Issues

Check it out. Video of cables exposed. Lesson 1

What Transmission do I have?

The back of your Temperature Gauge will have a little sticker with the Temp Sender number on it. This information is helpful when calling about Temperature Gauge issues.

    The 4311 Temp Sender is a small unit that is supplied with a ½ inch pipe thread adaptor for older style intake manifolds. A 3/8 inch adaptor is also available from SHIFTWORKS®.

    4311 Sending Unit

    The specifications for the Sender are as follows:



    Normal operating temperatures of 180F – 190F will put the pointer at about 1/3 scale.

Neutral Safety Switches

Q: My Neutral Safety/Back-up Switch (NSS) does not work, or I can not get it adjusted.

A: Depending upon what shifter or vehicle you have we may be able to help.

1968-72 Chevy Horseshoe Shifters: The stock switch should work for 3-speed and 4-speed conversions. The switches are adjustable by loosening the screws and rotating the switch. The original switches are Delco-Remy and have 434 stamped into the metal back. You can buy new STANDARD ( #NS7 switches on Amazon and Ebay. These were used in many cars.



Shiftworks SW 280 and SW 230 Series Shifter

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