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1970-72 Chevelle Monte Carlo & Camino

Replace the Ammeter in Your Gauges Dash

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Voltmeter Face

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View showing wires and back of gauge


Gauges Conversion

1970 Voltmeter * - Green letters
#S535-G. . . . $99.00


1971-72 Voltmeter *- White letters
#S535-W. . . . $99.00

* Note: Voltmeters are exactly the same EXCEPT the 1970 version has green letters and the 1971-72 has white letters



This is a new Voltmeter that REPLACES the Ammeter in either the Original or Reproduction Factory Gauge Dash. The VOLTMETER is designed to fit into the dash pod replacing the ammeter. Wiring is
separate from the circuit board.

1. Remove the ground cable from the Battery.

2. Remove the Ammeter dash pod from the dash. Be careful with the flexible circuit board.

3. Remove the ammeter gauge from the dash pod.

4. You will need to drill a 1/4 inch hole in the dash pod for the voltmeter wires to exit. The hole will be filled with a grommet.

5. Using the plastic washers and acorn nuts provided, mount the voltmeter to the dash pod, thread the wires through the hole and install the grommet. Reinstall the dash pod with the voltmeter.

6. The black wire is ground. You can ground it to one of the mounting screws for the dash pod. The red wire is best plugged into the fuse box ignition spade (Fused Ignition Source). We only want power to the Voltmeter when the car is running.

7. It would be a good idea to disconnect the hot wires feeding the old ammeter. They will be located in the engine compartment. Consult you GM wiring diagram.

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Rear of dash pod showing grommet
hole with wires and plastic acorn nuts.

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Dash pod with new voltmeter



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