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Gauges Conversion Kit
1966-67 Nova

Before Gauge Conversion

Nova Dash
After Conversion

Nova Dash with Shiftworks gauges

This SHIFTWORKS ® conversion kit allows anyone with a standard Nova dash and gauges to convert to the Super Sport style gauge package used on the 66-67 Chevelle.

Nova Gauges S507

These conversion gauges are designed to fit the EXISTING openings in the back of the dash. They include the Temperature sending device and the mechanical Oil Pressure line and fittings. A voltmeter* is standard.

SHIFTWORKS ® conversion gauges are manufactured in the United States of America.

Gauges Conversion Kit
1966 - 67 Nova
#S507-V. . . . $225.00

S507-V Instructions

Voltmeter: Measures Electromotive Force

Voltmeter with ignition ON
12 volts

Voltmeter with engine running
14 volts


#S507-VHOP. . . . $225.00

High oil pressure gauges? Learn more


Click here for gauges wiring diagram and other HELP

Water Neck with sending unit holes.
#S533 . . . $48.50

The Temperature Sending unit should be located in the intake manifold near the thermostat. Some newer engines have sending unit locations that are inconvenient. This GM Water Neck can solve that problem.



Temperature Sending Unit
#S534 . . . $20.00

Use this Shiftworks unit if your engine requires a sending unit smaller than the ½ inch pipe thread-sized unit supplied. Our sending unit is 1/8 inch NPT and comes with a 1/2 inch NPT adaptor. A 3/8 inch NPT adaptor is available on request.

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100° 280/360
180° 110/140
280° 30/50


Gauges wiring diagram tangled mess? Click here for help alternator

One wire compared to three wire alternators

Amp Gauge wiring Explained.

Gauges not working?

This help file is a pdf file read with acrobat reader

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