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1968-72 Nova

1968-72 Nova Shifter

GM Original


SHIFTWORKS® is now offering a new replica of the 68-72 Nova shifter. Our shifter has some design changes that make is easier to use with different transmissions. Currently the shifter will work with GM 3 and 4 speed automatics. The Powerglide version isnow available.

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Original and Shiftworks version - larger view

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Complete with all linkage, optional off sets, mounting system,
and Neutral Safety/Backup light switch.

#SW280-RCT . . . .$350.00


Still want to modify your old shifter?

1968-72 Nova shifter1968-72 Nova

Powerglide & TH Shifter 
Conversion Kit

Use your factory-installed automatic floor shifter with a newer 3-speed (TH350 or TH400) or 4-speed overdrive (TH700-R4 , TH200-4R or 4L60) transmission.

Shifter Conversion Kit

The conversion now incorporates parts, versatility and functionality previously only available with the SW280-RCT. Optional offset and shorter arms, improved handle travel, new rotating shaft and bearings, a new neutral safety/backup switch, and rod linkage with ball joint ends for improved ease of alignment with different transmissions are all included.


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Note: Requires the use of the factory original shifter body and handle in working oder.

See How to videos

Check shifter clearance here

TH350 & TH400

#S105-DA ....... $185.00


#S105-DB ....... $185.00



Shifter Parts


TurboHydromatic Rod Linkage
TurboHydromatic Rod Linkage

#SW435 . . . . . $65.50

TurboHydromatic Lever Only
#SW643. . . . . . $24.50

Swivel Kit
#SW404 ....... $15.00



Powerglide Swivel Kit

Neutral Safety/Backup Switch
Designed for the TH and OD conversion.
includes the switch actuator

#S522-D. . . . $52.50


See switch installed and working

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Swivel Kit
#SW404 ....... $15.00



Powerglide Swivel Kit
Shifter Release Button
#6724 . . .$15.00


Trim Parts

Flex-Rod Shift Actuator
Flexi-Rod Shift Actuator

This is a new Flexi-Rod shift actuator that will replace the original GM stamped spring steel actuator found in the 67 Camaro/Firebird, and 68-72 Nova automatic transmission console shifters.

The original spring steel actuators are prone to break (after 35+ years use), rendering the shifter useless. Also, we have seen many vintage shifters where the tang is worn or destroyed with use, also rendering the shifter useless.

The barbed top end that mates to the black plastic button, and the bottom tang are both hardened for long use.

        #S636 ....... $54.50 
Release Spring
#S501. . . $5.50
This spring must be used under the shifter release button for proper operation of shifter. (Often Missing)


Plastic (Delrin) Bushings
#S504. . . $19.50

Plastic shaft bushing

Neutral Safety Switch and Back-up Light actuator
Use with original switch
#S635. . . $15.25


Bottom Spring
#SW442 . . . . $4.50



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Use SW442 if your handle has a screw in Bottom
UseSW443 if your handle has a cotter pin bottom


#S441. . . $6.50
Theses two 5/8" washers are often missing or rusted away. Without them your shifter will be sloppy. A nice fix.



click for larger image
exploded view of shifter assembly


#S1211967 Lens Indicator for TH200-4R, TH700-R4, 4L60 & 4L80
#S121 ....... $15.00 




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