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Powerglide Transmissions

All Powerglide transmissions are not built the same. The use of a factory console shifter requires that your transmission be able to accept the lever. Photo #1 shows the trans sans lever and photo #2 shows the trans with lever installed.

Photo #1

Photo #1

Photo #2
Photo #2


Powerglide Range Select Lever for Floor Shift
#SW419 . . . $45.00


Examples of PowerGlide Column Shifter Range Select Shaft

If your Powerglide looks like this you can use the SW419 Range Select Lever shown above for a factory style Rod Linkage floor shifter.


If your PowerGlide looks like this, then you need to change the range select shaft to use a floor style shifter.


If your Powerglide looks like this, then you have a very economical version that did
not have a kick down capability and you may want to get something
else to use with a floor (console) shifter.

If your PowerGlide looks like this then you can use it with:

1) Factory style Cable Shifter but NOT a Rod Linkage floor shifter

2) Column Shifted Car using our NEW column Conversion Kit SW021
(It's so new you gotta call for availability)


If your PowerGlide looks like this then you have a column shift linkage that can be removed, and you do not need to replace the range select shaft in your transmission.


If your Powerglide looks like this, then you have the later model 1968 and up used with the Horseshoe style shifter. This version has a threaded Range Select Shaft and threaded Kick-down shaft, so the levers are removable with out taking apart the transmission. We have parts to use this style for either the cable or the rod linkage shifters.


PowerGlide Shift Parts
Aluminum Case PowerGlide

What Do These Parts Do?
The early aluminum PowerGlide Transmissions used a range select shaft and kickdown shaft that had welded on levers. This design makes it impossible to change from rod to cable or to different shifter geometry without replacing the shaft. Most aftermarket shifters provide a new range select shaft but are not drilled for the kickdown.

SHIFTWORKS® now offers a complete replacement shaft for the PowerGlide, as was used with the 68-72 Chevy Staple Shifter.


Powerglide Range Select Shaft Complete with kick- down

#649-120 . . . $145.00

Click for larger image
Click image for close up

Instructions for installing the Range Select Shaft

Who Needs These Parts?

Almost anybody that wants to connect a factory shifter to an aluminum Powerglide can use these parts. They will make the installation easier.

      • Install Cable shifter on PowerGlide
      • Install Rod Shifter on PowerGlide
      • Column to Floor Shift Conversions
      • RETAINS the kickdown function
    PowerGlide Rod Linkage
    Lever Only

      649-161 Installed on Transmission

      #649-161* ....... $24.50 

      *REQUIRES use of 649-120

      click for larger image

      Click image for close up

      PowerGlide Cable Linkage
      Cable Extra

      649-1500 Installed on Transmission

      #649-1500* ....... $45.00


      *REQUIRES use of 649-120


      Click image for close up

      Shiftworks© Cable
      More flexibility, adjustable, stainless, Non-booted modern dry sweep design.


      Warning: Shiftworks does not recommend any other “reproduction” cable besides the GM cable and our cable. All cables are not created equal.

      Check it out. Video of cables exposed.
      Lesson 1

      # K100
      Click image for close up



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