1968-82 Corvette Shift Cable

SKU: K102-29

  • 1968-82 Corvette Shift Cable

1968-82 Corvette Shift Cable

SKU: K102-29



This new Shiftworks direct replacement cable for:

  • GM cable #3958079 is used for the 1968-76 Corvette
  • GM cable #357746 used for the 1977-82 Corvette.

Shiftworks cables have great flexibility with a bend radius of 3 inches, a load rating of 70 lbs. of push and 120 lbs. of pull, a heat rating of 330 degrees, adjustable bulkhead connectors, stainless cable, non-booted modern dry sweep design, and are easier to install as a result. This cable has 2 1/2 inches of travel. The cable is 29 inches eyelet to eyelet and adjustable to 16 ¼”-17” from the bracket on the transmission to the bracket on the shifter. Made in the U.S.A.


    • Measures 29” length
    • ¼” eyelets at each end
    • Total travel – 2 ½”
    • Better flexibility
    • Adjustable connections at bulkhead
    • Stainless cable
    • Smoother operation

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