Powerglide Range Selector Shaft

SKU: 649-120

  • Powerglide Range Selector Shaft

Powerglide Range Selector Shaft

SKU: 649-120



You may need these parts if you are:

  • connecting a factory shifter to an aluminum Powerglide
  • installing a cable floor shifter to a Powerglide
  • installing a rod floor shifter to a Powerglide
  • column to floor shift conversions while retaining your Powerglide

The early aluminum Powerglide transmissions used a range select shaft and kickdown shaft that had welded on levers. This design makes it impossible to change from rod to cable or to different shifter geometry without replacing the shaft. Most aftermarket shifters provide a new range select shaft but they are often a one piece solid shaft eliminating the kickdown feature.

The Shiftworks Range Selector Shaft is a 2-piece shaft that will retain your kickdown feature.

What's In The Box

  • Range selector shaft
  • Kickdown shaft with o-ring seal
  • New range selector shaft seal
  • Kickdown lever
  • Nuts for Shift Lever and Kickdown Lever

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