Voltmeter with ignition ON at 12 volts Voltmeter with engine running at 14 volts

Voltmeter with Ignition ON

at 12 Volts

Voltmeter with Engine Running

at 14 Volts

A voltmeter measures electrical system pressure in volts. A voltmeter only needs to tap into an electrical circuit (we are tapped into the power to the Fuel Gauge). Voltmeter installation is easy, quick, and safe: It hooks up to a fused, ignition-switched "off/on" source.

The voltmeter directly measures the result of charging-system performance. With normal alternator/voltage-regulator function, battery voltage is maintained at 14.0 to 14.5 volts-and this is reported directly by the voltmeter. In the event of alternator-system failure, voltage will be low and continue to drop as the battery discharges. In the event of an "overcharge" condition, the voltmeter will climb above its normal zone.

NOTE: Fuel Gauge points straight up because it has power, but no signal.


Shiftworks Voltmeter Installation Video