1965-67 Nova T-Handle Shifter

SKU: SW280-NT7

  • 1965-67 Nova T-Handle Shifter

1965-67 Nova T-Handle Shifter

SKU: SW280-NT7


What's In the Box

  • Shifter assembly
  • Adjustable 30" Shiftworks shifter cable (4L80E kit comes with 32" cable)
  • Transmission cable bracket
  • Transmission shift lever
  • Neutral safety / back up light switch
  • Mounting hardware
  • New slider for handle opening in console
  • Console Indicators SOLD SEPARATELY


    This new Shiftworks floor shifter has been designed to properly function with whatever GM transmission you decide to use in your vehicle. Great care was taken to replicate the original look of the T-Handle shifter used by Chevrolet from 1965-67. Once installed in a factory console it will appear to be an original. Plus, with our provided universal mounting kit, your able to use this shifter in almost any custom application as well.

    The shifter connects to the transmission with a cable linkage. Cable mounts and the proper transmission lever are both included. We even install and set up a new neutral safety / back up light switch so it's ready to simply wire into your car!

    To Use with Powerglide Transmissions (Call to order)

    Powerglide transmissions use a variety of Range Select Shafts.  The use of any console shifter requires the transmission be able to accept the proper Range Select Lever for that particular shifter and/or shaft.  Shiftworks® offers several products that allow you to make this connection regardless of what Powerglide you may have. Click here to learn what you may need.

    *** For 6-Spd Automatics, know that you cannot manually select all 6 gears of your transmission with the shifter. The 6L80E/6L90E's shift pattern is P_R_N_D_M. The "M" position tells the transmission to look for an electronic input (ex. steering wheel paddle shifters / buttons) on how and when to shift up or down. Putting the shifter in "D" or "Drive" will allow the transmission to operate through all gears on it's own based on what the computer tells it to do.

      Helpful Links

        Installation Instructions

         Neutral Safety / Back-Up Light Switch Wiring

        Universal Consoles!


        • 1965, 1966, 1967 Chevy Nova or Chevy II
        • Most Custom Applications